Space Lawyers

Where Sci Fi Meets the Law

Space, the final front...wait a second; I do not want to be sued.

This is a podcast about the law, nerdy entertainment and what happens when you put them both in a teleporter and they come out all mixed like Jeff Goldblum in the fly.

Adam and Greg will once a month, watch an episode of a Sci-Fi TV Show, Watch a Sci Fi film or even listen to Sci-Fi songs. Then they will break down the legal implications of these sources of entertainment so that in case we get transported into those worlds we don't get sued.

New Episodes will be Monthly uploaded to SpaceLawyers on Sound Cloud.

Thank you for listening!

This is an Entertainment podcast that uses some real legal precedents and legislation and does not give legal advice. Please consult independent counsel if you were to attempt to use anything learned from our show. Please do not contact the show asking for legal advice. Currently, neither of the hosts are Barristers/Solicitors. Furthermore, this is a representation of our understanding of the law and we will cite our sources and the jurisdiction for any information we use in the show.